СУ "Иван Вазов" Мездра
15 април 2018 Областен кръг на състезанието по правопис
текст: МО Чужди езици

Кристияна Пачева от 6 клас представи достойно нашето училище на Областния кръг на състезанието по правопис"Spelling Bee"2018 в Монтана. Ето нейните преживявания от състезанието: 
     "Spelling Bee was а very important competition for me. I prepared a lot for that. My mom and I studied so much! The feeling was so enthusiastic. 
  When the day came, I was a little bit nervous. But I was ready for this challenge. I got in there, the school was beautiful, the people and teachers were friendly too. 
  The first competition was existing. The 2nd places were racing. The adrenaline was running into my veins. Especially when the winner was chosen and it was my turn. 
  The real thing was then. The kids were pretty good actually! They knew very much. 
    I didn't win the competition, but It was such a fun experience, and I learned a lot! I made good memories with my family."